An Algorithm for Adventures
09. fév, 2017

If you've downloaded ULYSS (which you can do for free here) and have spent a couple of minutes playing around, you'll have noticed that you've been given your Top 5 personalized destinations based off your answers. Anything from desired distance of travel to what kinds of activities you're looking for will influence what destinations are chosen for you. We thought we'd give you some extra insight into how these tailored suggestions work. 


ULYSS uses a complex A.I. Algorithm that takes into account values from hundreds of locations around the world. Every location is given a set of index values (based on a percentage of 0 to 100%) for specific parameters. These include access to the coast, proximity to mountains, nature, thrill level, dining, culture, and many more. 


For example, Bora Bora will have a coastal value of 100% as it is surrounded by water and is warm year-round. whereas Denver, Colorado, USA would have a value of 0% as it's nestled in the Rocky Mountains hundreds of kilometres from the coast. Another example of a parameter is thrill level. Antarctica has a thrill level of 100% as it involves traveling to the ends of the earth to one of the most hostile yet rewarding environments on the Planet whereas Barcelona, Spain has a value of 15% as you will not likely have to face a blizzard in the middle of July, but can still find some adventurous activities to do in the surrounding area. 


In addition to specific parameter index values, ULYSS also incorporates a Tourism value that takes into account the amount of visitors, weather, and availability of attractions depending on each month of the year. So if you're looking for a good hiking trip in February, ULYSS will avoid sending you anywhere north of the Tropic of Cancer and will suggest destinations like Patagonia or New Zealand, as it is their late summer and thus an ideal time for trekking.


Finally, be on the lookout for the upcoming update of the app when ULYSS will also attributes values for specific activities. If you're an avid surfer, skier, or diver for instance, ULYSS will provide specific places that are known to be excellent hubs for these types of activities. For instance, if you're interested in surfing over the Fall, ULYSS will likely suggest checking out the Bukit Peninsula in Bali, Indonesia.  


In sum, ULYSS utilizes a comprehensive algorithm that combines thousands of individual values to provide you with the best possible travel destinations that meet your preferences. Even if you're not planning on traveling anytime soon, ULYSS is great to play around with as it makes travel daydreaming a game on your smartphone. Save your destinations, change your answers, and explore the world. Who knows, maybe you'll find some serious inspiration for your next travel odyssey. 


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